Mitty Complex

I’ve heard a number of professionals & teachers say, “if you can imagine yourself doing something else, you probably shouldn’t be a (name of profession).”  The problem I have is I can imagine myself doing lots of things.   I love music. I love art. I love stories. I can’t help imagining myself creating a fashion line after learning to sew my own clothes. Or writing an epic poem or song.
I do work on those sorts of things.  I do more than daydream.  When I had an idea for a radio show or wanted to go to Japan, I did it. I’ve traveled to Europe, & I traveled to California & New York on multiple occasions. Traveling is something I want to keep doing. I want a job where I can take those sorts of vacations regularly.
Part of me thinks I should work for some sort of company. Part of me is starting to believe academia may hold the answer. But which part? I love music & hate to not use it right now, but if I start studying it professionally, I may begin to stress about it again, the way I did in my undergrad. Or, maybe I won’t be very good (despite evidence to the contrary). Fear is funny that way. I know I can do it. I know I like it & keep gravitating towards it, yet fear instilled by the times I didn’t make it persists.  Also, I like what I am doing now.  I find movies, their stories, & how they’re put together fascinating.  The question isn’t what can I do, it’s what should I do. I know I should concentrate on one thing and do it well, but what should that thing be?  I still have trouble deciding.


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