A Post. Hurray!

Internalized misogyny

The above article focuses on a major issue I’ve noticed over the years: internalized misogyny.  I know I’ve been guilty of it at times, and I have experienced it in others.  It’s that moment when you put other women down in order to separate yourself from them, usually to gain the attention of a male person.  You feel threatened by them because they receive attention or you think they’re “better” than you, so you try to squash them like a bug.

One of the ways I have worked on improving my relationships with other women and men is by remembering a phrase an elementary school teacher said: give put ups, not put downs.  Yes, it was made for an elementary school student, but it works.  I think it’s better than the “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” phrase because you’re working on finding something good about the other person, not just holding back malice.

Give it a try.  It helps you feel better about yourself and others.  Also, in this season of giving, kindness is free and always available.  Try sharing a little with those around you.