My Little Pony

I’ve been a My Little Pony fan since I was a little girl.  The stories helped me learn about friendship, sharing, love, and considering the thoughts & feelings of others.  Also, it sparked a lifelong love of horses. ❤

I was skeptical about the new version, MLP: Friendship Is Magic.  I first encountered the new ponies as dolls in the store.  I hated them.  They had long giraffe necks and seemed like an assault on my childhood.  However, I slowly grew to appreciate the new art style and accompanying products through a brony friend.  Today, I decided to watch the new show, and I love it!  It keeps the spirit of learning life lessons & having fun from the original with updates to characters I knew & loved as a child.  You know the show is great when you can enjoy it as an adult.  Pinkie Pie and the gang hold a special place in my heart, a place where a little girl and her older self love ponies together.


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