Game of Thrones review

I watched the first episode and a half of the HBO series Game of Thrones and decided to stop.  I don’t care for the adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s series.  Are the scenery and effects top-notch?  Yes.  Are the performers giving their all?  I think so.  However, I think some of the more compelling characters–specifically, Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen–start off on the wrong foot.  Both of them have more pluck and less pout in the same scenes from the book.  Also, Daenerys’s brother whined infinitely more in the book and appeared as an even bigger, wimpier prat.  The Khal isn’t given quite the same shake, either.  Daenerys’s life changes for the better because of the Khal.  Although the Khal does buy her from her brother, he calms her and treats her with a measure of respect.  In the show, he is more of a He-Man horse tamer, and she acquiesces but is not shown anything a viewer could call kindness.

The screenwriters and editors seem to try and match the quick cuts between characters and lands from the book, but on film I found the effect jarring.  It added more tedium instead of accelerating the on-screen pacing.

Again, I only watched the first episode and a half.  However, as a fan of the books, the fantasy or sci-fi genre, and a fan of period shows like The Tudors, I was disappointed.  The hype let me down.

That’s okay.  I’ll stick to my imagination and reading the books.


My Little Pony

I’ve been a My Little Pony fan since I was a little girl.  The stories helped me learn about friendship, sharing, love, and considering the thoughts & feelings of others.  Also, it sparked a lifelong love of horses. ❤

I was skeptical about the new version, MLP: Friendship Is Magic.  I first encountered the new ponies as dolls in the store.  I hated them.  They had long giraffe necks and seemed like an assault on my childhood.  However, I slowly grew to appreciate the new art style and accompanying products through a brony friend.  Today, I decided to watch the new show, and I love it!  It keeps the spirit of learning life lessons & having fun from the original with updates to characters I knew & loved as a child.  You know the show is great when you can enjoy it as an adult.  Pinkie Pie and the gang hold a special place in my heart, a place where a little girl and her older self love ponies together.