Watch out, Manga!

The creator of Princess Jellyfish stopped publishing her new manga Himozairu because some men on the Internet and other male critics said it was “demeaning.”  I can respect her decision to reexamine the work; however, I think being bullied into changing your art because people disagree loudly isn’t good for anyone.  Please sign the petition below to let Akiko Higashimura know you support her and her work.

Read here for a synopsis:

Please sign the pledge for her to continue the project if you feel her stopping is ridiculous.


So tired it hurts

I’m super tired, but I really want to stay up and read my manga preview sampler and watch Denki-gai.  Yeah, I’ll have to go to bed.  I’m about to fall down on the keyboard.

Also, I have a super fun afternoon of gaming planned with my boyfriend tomorrow!  Then, we’re going to a football game Saturday with our friends.  To top it off, Victoria’s Secret is reopening in our mall.  Super weekend, here I come!

I plan on participating in the inktober festivities as well.  They may not be awesome, but they will exist.  I’ll try to post them tomorrow.

This is me falling asleep

This is me falling asleep