Article: Review: In ‘Jurassic World,’ the Franchise Feeds the Beast

Review: In ‘Jurassic World,’ the Franchise Feeds the Beast

I wanted this movie to be good. Part of me wants to see it this weekend, but if it’s this bad, I don’t know if I can stomach it.
One of the NYT key points is the pseudo-feminist female sort-of bad woman turned good.  In the original Jurassic Park, Dr. Sattler is a badass paleobotanist who digs through poop & saves the day.  The new woman’s talent, according to NYT, is running in stiletto heels. Really… Even Lex, the young (also female) computer genius from Jurassic Park wore reasonable clothes to move around & stay comfortable on a jungle vacation. If the woman in the new movie is running the park, you would think she would understand you have to walk without crippling yourself.
Also, NYT mentions product placements.  This is actually the topic of my thesis paper, &, while I find product placements ridiculously annoying, watching to see how they are used & the imapct on the movie may be a good thing.  Good for my paper & personal knowledge, not the film.
The plot already sounds a bit overhyped. I may have to rewatch Jurassic Park after this movie.


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