Don’t you love it when you think of the perfect topic and forget it?  I’m watching Mushi-shi right now, and the animation is very nice, as is the story.  I am also editing my professor’s book.  He is paying me $10/hour to do it.  I am only halfway through the manuscript, and it is due tomorrow.  Also, I may be a little drunk.  I kept reading the PhD level script and thinking, “My God, if I get a PhD, will I forget so many basic speech patterns?”

I am also working on a jazz group with an ex-bf–my main ex.  We should have our first rehearsal this Saturday.  I think it will go well.  Musically, we work well together.  If I booked gigs for him and other solo performers, I think I could do well.  However, I want to be more than a booking agent.  I want to be the star–a star.  I want to be more than Machiavelli.  I have great ideas, and I want the world to hear them.

One of my friends said she is looking for a band.  I think she, a coworker who plays drums, and I could form a punk  band.  I want to play punk music to express the angst within me.  I want it like I want sex.  I think, together, we can make a punk reality.


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