stirring the pot

I feel kind of bad for being a shit starter last night.  One of my friends dated a girl for a while, and he said he found out she was cheating on him.  He broke up with her, and now she is sort of seeing another guy I know.  When I ran into my friend last week, he was still receiving hate messages from her.  She sent a page’s worth of messages that night–he let me read some of it on his phone.  Last night, I was talking to the guy she is seeing, and he said she told him they broke up because my friend was cheating on her.  I don’t know who is telling the truth, but what I know about both of them points to my friend being the injured party.  I never saw him out with anyone other than his now ex-girlfriend, and they quit dating several months ago.

Anyway, apparently the guy she is sort of dating now–my other friend–said her Tinder account is still open, too.  It’s a bunch of crazy stuff.  I hope I don’t run into her again.  Also, I think I will work harder on keeping my mouth shut.  Nothing good will come of me telling my other friend about her bad behavior–the witnessed or rumored.  It’s better not to mention it.


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