Reading recap

I decided to pick up a copy of Heavy Metal magazine, & I was rather disappointed in the content.  I own a copy of the first Heavy Metal movie, so I knew there would be fantasy elements to some of the stories and rather bizarre and possibly fleshy, gratuitous scenarios in some of the stories.  Aside from two very short stories I can rate as decent to good, the writing and much of the art was horrible.  The interview with a fetish/character model in the middle was also in the mediocre to okay range.  I don’t know if these problems were unique to this issue or if it happens often, but Heavy Metal should step up its game if they want people to continue purchasing a magazine when free or better subscriptions are available online as webcomics or other Net items.  Considering it cost $7.95 to earn this bit of wisdom, I am more than a little disappointed. I’ll probably gift it to a friend so it doesn’t end up in the recycling right away.


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