Weighing in

One of my old coworkers decided to tell me her opinion on my weight the other day.  I tried not to let it affect me, but it did.  She said she thought I looked very slim the other day, unlike the last time she saw me, when she thought I was “getting pudgy again.”  I think the other woman in the office cringed.  I chose not to react negatively, and I answered her questions about what I did to lose weight by saying that yes, I do exercise and try to eat well in order to maintain a certain weight.  I told a friend about the incident, and I hoped telling someone would purge it from my mind.  It didn’t.

Granted, I know this woman has a problem with weight.  She is a slender person who is obsessed with weight loss and maintenance.  One of my cousins and her mother are also obsessed with weight loss and weight gain prevention–the mother has been diagnosed with anorexia.  While I do slip from time to time, I work hard to stay healthy and not overindulge in junk food.

People do ask if I have lost weight.  It’s a general observation.  I understand some people say it as a compliment if they think a person looks slim or if they are wearing a complimentary outfit.  However, my former coworker went out of her way to give me a summary of how she thought my weight fluctuated.  It didn’t change that much.  I am a small person.  If I gain or lose five pounds, or if I wear an ill-fitting garment, it shows.  Even three pounds looks like a significant change.  Anyway, my point is it was inappropriate.  While talking about people isn’t the best idea either, comments about how a person looked fat the other day should not be directed at the person.  If you absolutely have to say something to them or anyone else, say it away from a crowd.  You’re embarrassing them and yourself.  Please try to keep the comments to “You look nice today” or, if you must mention weight, “You look so thin”–then stop.  Elaborating can only make things worse.


stirring the pot

I feel kind of bad for being a shit starter last night.  One of my friends dated a girl for a while, and he said he found out she was cheating on him.  He broke up with her, and now she is sort of seeing another guy I know.  When I ran into my friend last week, he was still receiving hate messages from her.  She sent a page’s worth of messages that night–he let me read some of it on his phone.  Last night, I was talking to the guy she is seeing, and he said she told him they broke up because my friend was cheating on her.  I don’t know who is telling the truth, but what I know about both of them points to my friend being the injured party.  I never saw him out with anyone other than his now ex-girlfriend, and they quit dating several months ago.

Anyway, apparently the guy she is sort of dating now–my other friend–said her Tinder account is still open, too.  It’s a bunch of crazy stuff.  I hope I don’t run into her again.  Also, I think I will work harder on keeping my mouth shut.  Nothing good will come of me telling my other friend about her bad behavior–the witnessed or rumored.  It’s better not to mention it.

Fμckbird and Jim: James Joyce’s letters to Nora Barnacle

Imagine if every drunken tweet you ever sent was posted on the Internet and flagged for the world to see. It would be something like this.


SEXY BEAST: Just look at this fine ensemble. Like a louche waiter on a very stylish pirate ship. Filthy lapels. Dashing face topiary.

The letters below were originally presented on my main site as part of the background research material for a new episode in my performance lecture series; this one was to be called ‘One-Eyed Monster’ and explore the posthumous ownership and exposure of artists’ private lives, focusing on James Joyce. Although this project is on hold for the moment, the evident interest of both scholars and perverts in James Joyce’s smutty letters and the difficulty of obtaining access to them has persuaded me to maintain the material here.

‘One-Eyed Monster’ was inspired by the ongoing public fascination with the private lives of famous writers, artists, musicians and performers. I’m particularly interested in the ways that a person who achieves any significant measure of success or recognition in…

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heard about the Joyce letters from a friend. After reading about them here, they are everything I expected and more.


I definitely don’t think that people with disabilities are funny or that Stephen Hawking is laughable.

However, hearing James Joyce’s sexy, obscene letters to his Mrs read out in a robot/Hawking voice is hilarious. Try it. If you have a Mac I suggest using the voice called Fred, AKA the Radiohead ‘Paranoid Android’ voice. Select the text you want to hear, go to the Services menu and choose Speech>Start speaking text.

It’s probably the most profoundly unarousing thing you will hear all week, although having said that I’m sure that rule 34 of the internet applies as much in this instance as it does in every other case. I’ve no doubt whatsoever that somewhere out there are Hawking cosplayers and slash writers, or perverts who get off on the idea of a randy but terminally bored Dalek with Tourette’s Syndrome, which is what the Mac’s Fred voice sounds like…

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Reading recap

I decided to pick up a copy of Heavy Metal magazine, & I was rather disappointed in the content.  I own a copy of the first Heavy Metal movie, so I knew there would be fantasy elements to some of the stories and rather bizarre and possibly fleshy, gratuitous scenarios in some of the stories.  Aside from two very short stories I can rate as decent to good, the writing and much of the art was horrible.  The interview with a fetish/character model in the middle was also in the mediocre to okay range.  I don’t know if these problems were unique to this issue or if it happens often, but Heavy Metal should step up its game if they want people to continue purchasing a magazine when free or better subscriptions are available online as webcomics or other Net items.  Considering it cost $7.95 to earn this bit of wisdom, I am more than a little disappointed. I’ll probably gift it to a friend so it doesn’t end up in the recycling right away.