Why I Travel

Why do I breathe?  I breathe air in order to sustain my life.  I drink water to stay hydrated.  I eat food to gain nourishment.  I travel to feed my soul.  Walks to the park or down the street offer one kind of solace in the everyday poetry of a day spent outside.  Local museums and shops give a sense of place, and cuisine contains a more palatable type of style.  While there is always something new to discover in a hometown, the experiences one can have traveling abroad are unparalleled.  The mechanics are the same: the food, the shops, the people going about their day.  And yet, the soul is different.  Every place has its own footprint, and these footprints leave marks on your being.  They change who you are.  By traveling abroad, I become who I will be.  Life is the sum of one’s experiences, and I plan to experience as much of the world as possible.


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