Right or Wrong

Maybe I don’t have to prove I am right.  I think it’s part of why I keep focusing on what happened between me and my neighbor.  I feel like I have to tell him what a jerk he is to stand up for myself & prove I am right, when he has been told he is a jerk before and never listened or changed his ways.  Not being around him as much will help, but what I need to realize is there is no right way to insult someone.  Holding on to my negative aggression towards him hurts me more than anyone else.  It can still be true that I felt betrayed, despite my knowledge of his character.  I have plenty of real concerns without focusing on transient things like feeling disgust for someone I slept with who doesn’t care about women.  I can imagine explaining how I felt or what I thought or currently think to him all I want, but it will slow me down and weigh on my spirit.  I’m sure I will continue to think about what happened from time to time.  I just need it to fade away into the noise.


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