Personal thoughts on love

As an aside to the “What is love” series this week, here are my personal thoughts on what it means to like or love someone.

When you tell someone you like them, it should be because you want more than a “one and done” fling.  You want to be with that person–not all of the time in a stalker-crazy type of way, but in the “I want to know more about you and spend time with you” way.  I think telling one person you like him or her, then telling five other people you like them at the same time nullifies your words.  Wanting to date–or whatever you want to call sleeping together and sometimes spending time together–several people at once means you don’t really care about any of them.  You only care about your own interests.  I know some people say this isn’t true, but, in my experience, it is.  You might not want to admit it, but it is.  If a person doesn’t want to explore anything besides “casual dating” or “hooking up,” then he or she shouldn’t claim to like the other person in more than a casual way.  To me, there is no such thing as developing a personal connection with someone, when you’re constantly texting other people for dates and trying to pick up people everywhere you go.


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