Hello again, pt 2

I keep hearing and finding guys who use Tinder and other hook-up/dating apps.  Most of the time, I hear them say, “I’d do her,” or “Omg, dude, look at her face (in the not complimentary way).”  Yes, there are women who do the exact same thing, and the very first step to anything is mutual physical attraction.  It’s hard to say what is a good or bad use of dating “skills.”  I have trouble saying yes to people.  Some people have trouble saying no, even if they like and are involved with someone else.  Eventually, I might go on one of those sites, but, as of right now, I don’t want anything to do with them.  I would prefer to continue hooking up with people I like and meet face to face and might be a lying sack versus someone who is a dick online.

Also, I’m working on a song.  When it’s a bit better, I might post a link to the video.


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