Pretentious city dwellers

I went to a bar the other night and visited with a couple of friends.  One of them mentioned he walked from his house to the bar, and, surprised, I said, “You walked?”  We live near each other, and I thought it would be safer to drive because of people following a person to or from the bar.  Also, as a woman, I have had issues with strange people harassing me on my way to campus during the day, much less walking there at night by myself.  Upon reflection, I realized it was possible to take main roads to the bar without passing a lot of bad areas, but at the time it didn’t seem like a good idea.  It still doesn’t sound like a great idea if you’re by yourself, but it isn’t completely terrible.  Anyway, after my exclamation, both guys look at each other and start talking about how plebeian our town is and how people in New Orleans know how to walk everywhere and don’t use their cars for everything.  I was insulted.  I probably walk and exercise more than both of them put together, and I’ve walked miles going from one place to another during the day.  I simply prefer to be safe and not open myself up to stalkers and creeps at night by walking around by myself.  It sounds paranoid, but I have had issues with them just walking to and from my car.  Also, if I’m in heels, I don’t want to walk a lot.  At the time, I thought about saying something.  Instead, I kept my mouth shut, and the moment passed.  I know they’re good guys and didn’t mean to be so insulting.  They were expressing their opinion on a subject.  They expressed it in an asshole-y way, but, hey, I know my statements about various subjects don’t always smell like roses.

Other than that moment and a couple of hairline wrinkles, I had a good time last night.  Now, back to working on school stuff.  I might go out again tonight and catch up with someone else, and I’m pretty sure some people are coming over tomorrow night, so I really really need to focus now.  I can’t wait to be done with school again.


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