Hyperactive Whoopsie

I decided to have a cafe au lait around 4 p.m. today after drinking at the grocery store.  Yes, the grocery store.  Apparently, the Whole Foods in my town has a small bar in it, so my mom and I decided to have a drink before we finished shopping.  It was an experience.  Later, we went downtown to find a violin shop my mom wanted to see and go to a cafe for a few.  I decided to have an au lait because “I can handle caffeine now and will be capable of sleeping later.”

Instead, I start getting a little jittery at the cafe after a few sips–partially because I ran into one of my neighbors and his mom, and I thought I sounded like an idiot trying to joke about sleeping through some of their parties (lately I’ve attended almost all of them) and about them being better than my old neighbors who used to shoot each other (partially true but mildly exaggerated–the shooting where people were killed was down the street, and the ones next door mostly yelled and threw things besides bullets at each other).  Of course, I know they probably forgot about it as soon as I said anything, and it was all sort of awkward because my mom was sitting at the table, and I felt like the description I gave of my old apartment was a bit more negative than it really was.  Anyway, I know my neighbor and his mom probably forgot about it after, but all of it was so odd I kind of panicked about it.  I know it wasn’t a big deal, and they will forget about it the same way one of my professors forgot my horrible piano exam several years ago.  It was something where I would freak out every time I saw her and assume she would remember, which is extremely self-centered, but I thought it was so bad she couldn’t possibly forget.  It turned out the only things she remembered about me were generally nice, and she was a fan of my radio show.

Lessons for today:

1. Don’t worry about little screw-ups.  Most people are so worried about their own issues and flaws, they’ll forget yours.

2. Even if you are a regular caffeine user, don’t drink strong or medium coffee later in the day.

3. Bars in grocery stores can be both hilarious and fabulous.


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