Messaging Expansion

I gave in.  Just two nights ago, I told some friends I didn’t have Snapchat and didn’t really like doing messaging services where everyone knows who you are, and now I am on Snapchat.  Too many people I know, some of whom live thousands of miles away, use it to communicate.  I am on Facebook Messenger, and I do use texting and emails on my phone, so I guess it didn’t make much sense to say “I don’t like messaging services where people know who I am.”  I guess I meant I prefer blogging under pseudonyms versus sharing every moment of my day with people I might see later who may be offended.  However, I learned Snapchat doesn’t save your data, and it is more of a “Buddha board” style messaging system, where your chats, pictures, and videos are deleted unless saved by you or the other user.  It is kind of cool.


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