Birthday Fishes

I have another birthday coming in the next week.  Since my mom and I went to San Diego for Comic Con and she payed for the hotel and airfare and she’s still sort of paying for a lot of things for me, I don’t expect a huge present for my birthday or Christmas.  She asked me what I would want, and I sort of do and don’t have a lot of things I would want.  Mostly, the items on my list are either very small–like a tea thermometer or bamboo steamer–or really big–like a trip to Australia.  I also considered massages–I love massages–but it looks like I might be able to get them from a chiropractor and have my insurance pay for it.  (Not as great as a spa, but probably still nice.  I normally get them because of issues related to my scoliosis or just extra tension in my neck and shoulders.  Also, I kind of thought it might be a waste, since I can buy those for myself once in a while when I really need one.)  Anyway, I woke up super early for work and only spent an hour there, I decided to pick up a few things on my grocery list.  While I was out, I figured I would stop by the game store near the grocery and see what was happening.

Bad idea.

I found out they are selling used PS3s with 120GB memory cards for $170, including one year warranty in case it quits working.  I already own a Wii (the original one) and a Nintendo DSiXL–both presents for Christmas–that I rarely have time to play.  When I do have time to do something other than school or work, I usually practice music, read, or exercise.  Granted, I do spend some time playing games on my phone, but most of those times are because it’s convenient.  I really should bring the XL to my apartment.  I know I would play it and use the learning software more frequently if it was with me and not at my mom’s house.  As for the Wii, I would like to dust it off and play a bit, but I tend to feel guilty when I start playing video games.  Also, it, too, is at my mom’s connected to her flat screen.  I don’t own a television, so I have avoided bringing it to my apartment.

Since I already own these other systems–and a couple of other old Nintendo systems–and am planning to quit my secondary job to focus more on graduating, my school assistantship, and on other projects like writing and playing music, I feel especially guilty asking for yet another gaming console.  Granted, I never owned a Playstation, and it seems to have marvelous possibilities and games available for it.  I loved playing Katamari on another person’s Playstation, and there are several other games, such as the Walking Dead ones, I would like to play at my leisure.  The one on sale seems very reasonably priced, and the games for PS3 looked cheap.  However, there is still the guilt thing.  I’m strongly considering stopping buying comics and most CDs right now. I’m sort of tired of some of the comics, and I keep running out of space for physical copies of books and music.  Also, I’d like to save money again.  Besides, wouldn’t the money be better spent on a new computer in the future?  Or on relocating?  Still, I would like to be able to experience all of those really bad-ass games…  I quit buying DVDs, and I’m trying not to watch as much television.  I do watch a few shows, but the list is getting smaller, and I watch most of them when I’m having “bonding time” with my mom.  My mom said she would buy it for me if I really want it, but I don’t know.  I still feel guilty about a new console.  I already feel like crap for turning 28 and still not being self-sustaining.  I also feel the “I’m too old to ask for games” guilt creeping in, even though I know people much older than myself who enjoy video games.  I very, very rarely finish a game, but I do enjoy them while I play.  Not to mention, another game console and games will mean more “things” in my life, when I’m trying to trim down my number of material possessions.  Gah, the decisions!