The Finches

Quick warning: This post contains spoilers for Issue 36 of the New 52 Wonder Woman

I just finished issue 36 of the New 52 Wonder Woman, starring the team of Meredith and David Finch.  After the wonderful, strong, dynamic, mythology-filled epic by Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello, I’m disappointed.  Wonder Woman no longer looks or acts like the strong, capable–yet flawed in an oh-so-human way–woman of issue 35.  Now, she looks like a pouty 16-year-old.  Her curves, colors and highlights give her an almost soft-core look, especially when they’re juxtaposed with Chiang’s angular style.  Also, her attitude is almost completely different.  She picks a fight with Swamp Thing just for seeing him in the vicinity of the village, and her excuse is “I’m stressed and angry about the dead villagers.”  While I do think showing her vulnerability and the amount of pressure she feels can be an excellent tool to tell her story, I don’t feel this was a good use of the material.  She went from slightly dysfunctional woman capable of holding her own against the First Born and everyone else in the pantheon with wit as much as brute strength to girl who doesn’t know how to read a situation before attacking a somewhat innocent bystander.  She’s the god of war.  War is strategy as much as might.  By the end of issue 35, she showed her abilities as a true leader of war.  Now, they threw her back to the starting gate?

Despite my misgivings, I will still read at least the next two issues.  Part of my reason for possibly cutting Wonder Woman from my pull list is financial.  I have less disposable income, and I will probably lose even more in the coming months.  Less income for me means saving my $3 plus tax each month and subsequent storage costs for a comic I don’t like as much anymore.  I thought about cutting it before, but I loved the gods and goddesses arc.  I could care less about the Justice League or Superman when I read Wonder Woman’s title.  Yes, her story is part of theirs, but I don’t want them to overpower her in her own comic.

Good luck, Finches.  Please make a liar out of me.


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