Types of Writers

I’ve noticed a few differences in university professors who publish versus traditional story writers.  It seems the majority of professors I encounter don’t know how to revise their work for punctuation or grammatical errors.  Granted, not all story writers do, but many of the better ones do have the capacity and the drive to check for common errors.  Many professors seem either unaware of their mistakes or lack the drive to fix them.

I am currently copying a portion of a professor’s book, which contains great advice for writers but an ever increasing number of punctuation and grammar errors.  Some of the sentences don’t make sense, either.  They need to be interpreted by the reader.  It is a book he published through the university for classroom use, but he didn’t bother to have it edited.  I noticed other professors with similar mistakes; I just happen to be viewing his right now.  Anyway, I thought it was an oddity worth sharing.


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