Seeing life from a different view

I realized the concept of working from the figure itself in illustration, as opposed to another artist’s rendition or a photograph, is also applicable to music.  You can attempt your own variations on a folk or traditional music style; however, if you begin from the original tunes instead of someone else’s rendition, your version can improve upon the original design in a different way.  Approaching the music–or any art form–from a different angle can generate something entertaining and welcoming.  For example, I heard my university’s bluegrass ensemble arrange and perform the Miley Cyrus song “Wrecking Ball,” and it sounded like a brand new song.  The addition of traditional bluegrass vocal harmonies and instrumentation breathed new life into the tune.  Other professors in the area have used other non-pop styles to rework pop songs with great success.  (One clarinet professor regularly arranges rap and hip-hop for his Dixie-land jazz trio.)  Roots can show yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


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