The Ratatouille Realization

In the movie “Ratatouille,” the food critic Ego realizes the truth behind Chef Gusteau’s saying “Anyone can cook.”  It doesn’t mean any person can be a master chef but that a master chef can come from anywhere.  I think people need to keep this idea in mind when considering various career choices. Not everyone is going to understand biology at the same level as a doctor. Everyone won’t do well in college. Some people won’t understand the best way to weld a pipe or clean a chemical spill.  However, a person who can do these things can come from anywhere. Just because someone grew up in an affluent family doesn’t automatically mean he or she is meant for college–or graduating high school. While a person’s background may help him or her develop specific qualities, it does not guarantee anything.  Motivation, however, can. If someone works hard and makes their own luck–in addition to having a little of the old-fashioned kind of serendipity–he or she can do it. Also, realizing your strengths and working with them helps, too.
Just a thought.


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