I enjoy having a certain amount of anonymity on the Internet.  It’s nice being able to share views and things with other people without them being people you see every day.  While it is possible to identify people based on their social media or IP address, most people you meet online first will never meet you in real life.  I like keeping the real life me and online me as slightly separate yet overlapping entities.  I tend to forget some people who know me in real life also read my blogs.  In fact, if I think about it too much, I might not post some ideas here because of it.  Instead, I’ll just try to forget people I know might see this.  I try to be kind to people, even when I have the basic removal from real life via the computer screen and written page.  Therefore, hopefully, anyone who reads these posts won’t be too offended by what I have to say.

Anonymity is a scary thing.  When you remove your face, you can become anyone.  In Hollywood and sci-fi, this generally leads to people either accomplishing extraordinary things or becoming monsters.  Despite regulations and aforementioned data available about each person, everyone is anonymous on the Internet.  Everyone can be a version of themselves.  What will you be?


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