Before Watchmen and Castle

I am nearly done reading the Before Watchmen series, and it’s pretty great.  I like it even more than the original Watchmen because you learn so much about each of the characters; it even fosters additional respect for the original and makes me want to re-read it.  I thought I would only enjoy the Silk Spectre series and maybe the Comedian, but I loved all of them.  I found the Dr. Manhattan section especially inspirational.

I have been binge-watching Castle this summer.  It’s a great show.  I love the writing, and despite every show functioning the same way–murder, flirting, wrong killer/killer and we don’t know, new evidence, catch the killer–it still manages to stay pretty fresh and fun.  I watched a number of Bones episodes as well, and even though I enjoyed it a lot, I did get tired of watching after a while.  I watched some episodes of Castle a few times and still enjoyed them; with Bones, I enjoyed them a little less, unless it was an exceptionally hilarious episode–thank you, ZZ Top.  Anyway, I like them both, but I think Castle has a special place in my TV-viewing heart.  Still, if they drag out the show much after the Castle/Beckett wedding, I don’t think I will be very interested.  Same deal with Big Bang Theory: I was a huge fan for a while, but the comedic fount has slowed down to a measly dribble.  I’m waiting for the end, when Penny becomes a big star, she and Leonard get married or move in together, and Sheldon learns normalcy isn’t such a bad thing.  Howard basically has his happy ending.  Maybe Raj could take over the astrophysics wing?  He could at least have a new female coworker or assistant who likes him.


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