Morning Playlist

This morning’s playlist: (yes, I used the Apple iPod Genius mixer)–on shuffle

Debaser–The Pixies
Neighborhood 3 (power out)–Arcade Fire
Y control–Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Bigmouth strikes again–The Smiths
Is this it–The Strokes
I’m waiting for the man–The Velvet Underground
Hotel yorba–The White Stripes
Gigantic–The Pixies
The bends–Radiohead
Obstacle 1–Interpol
Neon bible–Arcade Fire
Bukowski–Modest Mouse
Just like honey–The Jesus & Mary Chain
Hard to explain–The Strokes
Gold lion–Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The boy with the thorn in his side–The Smiths
Monkey gone to heaven–The Pixies
El Scorcho–Weezer
Haiti–Arcade Fire
Femme fatale–The Velvet Underground
Fell in love with a girl (live)–The White Stripes
Dale with the night–Yeah Yeah Yeahs

There you go. My morning playlist. 😉


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