Frowny-faced half-week

This week is not going well.  First of all, I had to report a random person I met Monday to the police for stalking me.  I never saw this man before Monday, but he found out where I live and came to my house in the middle of the night.  I reported him to the police.  I don’t think he is dangerous, but I was definitely scared.  Then, he showed up again Tuesday morning.  I reported him again after asking him to please not come to my house again and receiving variations on “f— you, you f—ing bitch” in response.

Second, I was involved in a wreck Monday afternoon.  A man in a suburban hit me as I was leaving my driveway.  He pulled around another (stopped) car and hit me as I crossed the street.  My car is totaled, but I walked away.  The wreck was unlucky, but my receiving so little injury was definitely a blessing.

Third, I weighed myself tonight, and it looks like I gained almost five pounds in a week–maybe less than a week.  It sucks.  Normally, I work out pretty regularly.  Since Monday, however, I barely did anything, and I know I haven’t been eating well, either.  Tomorrow, I’m going to exercise and restart my regular eating regimen.  Also, I’m going to try working at the university library.  It’s open during the summer, and I think having an office outside my home will do wonders for my work ethic.  I’ve worked so hard to stay in shape; I don’t want to lose it now.   Also, I met with one of my professors today, and he assigned some work for the end of the week.  Apparently, one of my grad assistant jobs will be to create a social media presence for the broadcasting division of the communications department.  I need to create the accounts this week so my professor has something to print on the new brochures.  It should be interesting.

This isn’t exactly the worst news of the week, but my hairdresser said she is moving to another city at the end of the summer.  She cut my hair for years, so it will be a little strange adjusting to someone new.  She has someone who is taking over her client list, and the new person seems to be competent and nice.


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