Bad Luck Ghost

It appears the appliances in my new apartment are haunted by bad luck.  First, the brand new energy efficient water heater developed an issue–it didn’t want to produce hot water or allow any water into the house.  Then, the refrigerator and microwave broke.  Also, the toilet wouldn’t stop running.  Fortunately, the landlord replaced the water heater right away and the refrigerator, in addition to fixing the toilet.  Then, the pilot light on the new, regular water heater went out two nights after he installed it.  I found out right when i tried to take a shower and only had tepid to cold water available.  He fixed it right away and showed me what to do if it happened again.  It happened again last night, while I was in the shower.  Not fun.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent place.  Great location; it’s right next to downtown, my school, and a park.  Shame on you, appliances, for breaking down.


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