The Way

Well-meaning family members keep telling me, “Don’t worry, sweetie, you’ll find your way,” whenever the topics of my current work status or my “love life” occur in a conversation. Why is it so hard for them to realize the way is life? Experiences are life, and I feel them to the fullest, even the bad ones. It irritates me that they think because I don’t have a boyfriend (read: husband) or because I am still figuring out what I will do as my full-time job that I am in any way lost. Mostly, they assume I don’t have a boyfriend because I am too “pure” or some other nonsense. I have stopped dating guys because they were bad in bed and continued dating others mostly because we had a strong physical connection. It’s true I do want to date someone who likes my personality as much as my looks, but saying it’s the only way I judge potential mates is ridiculous. Saying I won’t hook up with someone for fun is nonsense, too, although it probably won’t be the main reason (it might be, but probably not).


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