Changes in the past ten years: A recap for my fallen father

A lot changed in the past ten years:

Gas is more expensive; other things are also more expensive

You can buy custom t-shirts designed by strangers

Crowd-sourcing your project is no big deal

You can post a gallery of your art online for the world to see

You can sell your art and any other items online as well

The job market has changed quite a bit

Your phone can not only be held in the palm of your hand, but it can take pictures, access the internet, send messages, play what used to be “hi-def” games, and video chat with your friends and with strangers

“There’s an app for that” is a catch phrase

Terabyte portable harddrives are available and relatively less expensive

Cameras can use 60gb SD cards

3d and CGI are standard components of major motion pictures


What else should I tell my dad about the ten years he has missed?




I bought a zucchini plant a few weeks ago. It grew from a tiny little stem with a couple of leaves into this monstrosity.  Also shown is my one zucchini. Yay backyard farming! (If you’re wondering, I planted marigolds around it. Supposedly, they keep certain bugs away, but I haven’t noticed any changes from regular beds.)

Bad Luck Ghost

It appears the appliances in my new apartment are haunted by bad luck.  First, the brand new energy efficient water heater developed an issue–it didn’t want to produce hot water or allow any water into the house.  Then, the refrigerator and microwave broke.  Also, the toilet wouldn’t stop running.  Fortunately, the landlord replaced the water heater right away and the refrigerator, in addition to fixing the toilet.  Then, the pilot light on the new, regular water heater went out two nights after he installed it.  I found out right when i tried to take a shower and only had tepid to cold water available.  He fixed it right away and showed me what to do if it happened again.  It happened again last night, while I was in the shower.  Not fun.

Otherwise, it’s an excellent place.  Great location; it’s right next to downtown, my school, and a park.  Shame on you, appliances, for breaking down.

The Way

Well-meaning family members keep telling me, “Don’t worry, sweetie, you’ll find your way,” whenever the topics of my current work status or my “love life” occur in a conversation. Why is it so hard for them to realize the way is life? Experiences are life, and I feel them to the fullest, even the bad ones. It irritates me that they think because I don’t have a boyfriend (read: husband) or because I am still figuring out what I will do as my full-time job that I am in any way lost. Mostly, they assume I don’t have a boyfriend because I am too “pure” or some other nonsense. I have stopped dating guys because they were bad in bed and continued dating others mostly because we had a strong physical connection. It’s true I do want to date someone who likes my personality as much as my looks, but saying it’s the only way I judge potential mates is ridiculous. Saying I won’t hook up with someone for fun is nonsense, too, although it probably won’t be the main reason (it might be, but probably not).


Don’t you hate it when you think of something in the shower, then you get out and forget what it was? I definitely had one of those moments. Fortunately, I retraced the path through my mind and remembered it again. Most of it. It will finish coming back when I start writing it down. I can’t wait to have the internet installed tomorrow. Using my phone for all communication is a bit of a pain.