I met a man in the grocery store earlier today.  He bought some milk and snack packs for his family.  I asked him if the cookies were for him, and he told me the Chips Ahoy cookie snacks were for his daughter.  I told him he should try them with the milk, and he said that sounded like a good idea.


I had every intention of reading my homework assignments tonight.  I even skipped one of my favorite shows to read; instead, I read more of Murakami’s 1Q84.  I’m a little over halfway through the story, and I am finding it difficult to stop reading.  I really do want to finish skim-reading the rest of my book in order to better prepare for my test tomorrow morning, but I seem to keep getting in my way.  We’ll see.  It’s an online exam, so as long as I finish it before class tomorrow, I should be okay.