My Piece For Today

I’ve had this sort of panicked feeling the past couple of days.  Partially, it’s because I have been off of work and school because of inclement weather.  The other reason is I am having a severe case of the beginning of semester jitters.  It’s happened a few times:  I start questioning my current plot in school or work, and I panic.  I worry I’m not really doing what I want to do.  I freak out because I feel like I’ll never break free of my current location (my hometown), which in itself isn’t terrible, but I thought I would be farther along by now.  My main problem is I have a lack of specific direction.  Once I start working on one project, I feel the urge to tackle three other, unrelated items.  I start feeling down about life, and I panic.  I try to find logical solutions for different issues, but sometimes I am afraid to act.  If I do act and try to find a resolution, many times I work on the problem sporadically because I never decide which issue is the most deserving of my attention.  I rotate from one to the next, never fully resolving any of them.  I have great ideas, but I don’t always follow through on them because I don’t know where I’m heading.

Working on this issue is one of my current projects.


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