A funny thing happened on the way in my door

A slightly unusual thing happened just now.  I found a letter in my mailbox reading “To Our Neighbor at [my address].”  I was completely baffled as to who would send me a letter.  I noticed it had a stamp but no postmark or return address on the front.  As I brought my groceries inside, I puzzled over who it could be and why they would contact me with a letter.  Did I play some music too loudly one morning?  Was it someone I saw occasionally as I left for work or school?  Was I being cordially invited to a neighbor’s party?  Finally, I looked at the envelope again and noticed the address to a P.O. box in Chicago on the back.  It was spam.  Old-school spam.  I chuckled to myself, thinking how silly I had been.  It was just a flyer, sent to thousands of unsuspecting people…

…and it made me think.


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